HELP! Do I Drop Landry for Callaway? And other WR problems -16-team league

So I woke up this morning and it felt like Xmas. I got all my Waiver claims (3!) and then I checked my Watch List to see the Antontio Callaway was now an FA, and Dante Pettis was still there! IS anyone paying attention right now?

I NEED to get this right, not just this week, but next week, too. Until recently, every loss I took was to the other team having a RECORD points week - and I’m only just scrambling my way back in to the playoffs (which start for us in week 15).

I just picked up Bruce Ellington for Keke “I’m always injured” Coutee - grabbed Jonnu Smith to replace Jack Doyle and flipped over to the CHI kicker, so I’m happy with my moves, but it’s hard to see some of these WRs still out there and know what a struggle I have coming up this week to leave them there. But it’s scary to drop a Landry.

My WRs: AB, Jarvis, Alshon Jeffrey, Courtland Sutton, Bruce Ellington. I don’t know how I feel about carrying two guys from the same team - I did it for a few weeks with Ito Smith and Tevin Coleman. It’s like having no one. The obvious drop is Sutton - I just know I won’t play Landry AND Callaway at the same time, so why bother -plus DEN is threatening to look like an offense all of a sudden. UGH.

Wouldn’t mind being able to find room for Dante Pettis even though I don’t trust the SF offense. And now, I’m also trying to find room for Nyheim Hines because my opponent for NEXT week (14) stupidly dropped him with Marlon Mack likely on concussion protocol. I WANT him just to make sure she can’t get him back!!!

I am carrying an extra QB I don’t (hopefully) need since I have Mahomes, but with a league this deep, decent streaming options are IMPOSSIBLE to find if something should happen to my wunderkind.


What’s your full team roster?
What weeks are your playoffs?
Who is your second QB behind Mahomes?

Playoffs start week 15
I have Nick Mullens behind Mahomes. I tried to get Jackson in BAL but didn’t.

Antonio Brown
Jarvis Landy
Alshon Jeffrey
Matt Breida
Josh Adams
Jonnu Smith
Corey Parkey (might be turning this into Gostkowski - just found him on Waivers)

Nick Mullens
Tevin Coleman
Courtland Sutton
Gerald Everett
Bruce Ellington

You have a lot going on there…I’ve never been in a 16 team league, but seems stressful haha
I wouldn’t drop Landry for Callaway, to me they are equal on that offense but Landry is the greater talent who could turn it on at any point.
IMO you could drop Mullens, there’s a chance he gets benched for Beathart at some point soon. If you do that, maybe grab Hines in case Mack misses time.
I probably wouldn’t bother with Callaway or Pettis. You should likely play Ellington in any sort of PPR or Sutton over those two guys and possibly over Landry too.
If you’re thinking really deep…see if any of the high value RB handcuffs are still out there and maybe stash one of them over one your TEs. I know may not be any available in 16 team league…but maybe like Justin Jackson, Jaylen Samuels…those type of guys.

yeah, I’ve been thinking about handcuffs - Gurley’s and Hunt’s are both still out there in our league. Wish I had a FLEX position. Agreed on Mullens, just nervous about if Mahomes gets hurt.

I have a good match up this week - my opponents team is pretty weak and facing injuries so I have a bit of flexibility to see how things will go with the likes of Ellington. Wish I knew wth DET was doing right now. Yeesh.

16-team isn’t great. We’re talking about limiting it to 12 for next season. Had some problems with people signing on to “support” because it’s a work thing, but who don’t really play. Very frustrating.

Thanks for the input. I’m giving it all another look!