Help! dont know what to do

help just got offered ty and Singletary for carson do I do it

T.Y. Hilton? Ty Montgomery? Ty Johnson?

What “ty”?

I’m gonna assume T.Y. Hilton… if that’s the case, he’s week to week… I’d count on him missing next week on top of this one and you don’t get burned with expectations…

From a ROS value standpoint, T.Y. by himself is probably worth Carson… so it’s definitely doable with a Singlecherry on top… but should you? depends on your RB depth… I don’t think Carson’s job is stable… so I might do it regardless… if you don’t need WR help necessarily you can play T.Y. when he comes back, let him have a blowup game, which he will pretty often, and flip him for a RB later

yea t.y hilton my bad lol but see I heard reports was day to day for him I was thinking that he may miss next week as well I have McCaffrey and ingram for starting rbs along with woods godwin mclaurin and dorsett for my other wrs plus u have penny if carson is to either go down or just not be the starter due his poor game plat recently so yea I probably should do it

i have penny**

I would do it…ty hilton is a plus and Carson could be a problem…and Singleton has been looking good