Help! Draft -2nd Pick - Keep Zeke?

Hi everybody! Need some input on a tough choice. 12 Team PPR - 2 Keeper League. I traded for Zeke at end of last season to keep this year for a 1st round pick. Obviously that has risk now.
Just found out I will have the #2 overall pick but most teams will probably keep their top tier RB’s. Do I take my chances in the 1st? See below for my other Keeper options, maximum 2 Keepers. Was planning on Zeke & Kittle, now maybe Kerryon & Kittle? Thanks!

Ezekiel Elliot - 1st rd
Cooper Kupp - 4th rd
Kerryon Johnson - 5th rd
George Kittle - 7th rd
Tyler Lockett - 7th rd

with the number 2 pick in the draft, you have a lot of value there. to me, there is no reason to keep zeke. holdout and the risks involved aside, think about it from a stratagy standpoint. you keep KJ and Kittle, you now have your 1st pick. which, could still easily be zeke or someone else like hopkins or something. so, would you rather have…

Zeke + Kittle + 7th round ADP value player
(its a keeper so you have to remember that 5th is technically a 7th)

KJ + Kittle + top of the current pool
(maybe even zeke himself)

that value is just there to let him go. maybe he doesnt get past the 1st guy, but i think thats ok with the current risks attached to him.


That’s pretty much how I’m leaning. Kerryon keeps climbing draft boards and is such a value for a 5th rd. Think having the 2nd pick also seals it. Thanks for your input!