Help draft in 1 hr need advice!

So i have the 7th overall pick in a 12 team ppr, most likely kamara or barkley are gonna be there. I need consistency over boom or bust… was thinking about taking the shot on melvin gordon, any thoughts or oppositions?

I like Melvin Gordon over both of those guys and is the same person I am targeting at the 6th. Not enough history with either of Kamara and Barkley. And honestly, Barkley wasn’t out of this world great in college. I take the consistent RB who gets targets in a high powered offense and roll with Gordon.

Good luck in the draft.

FYI: I put them in this order: Gordon, Kamara, Barkley


Thanks, thats how i felt as well and i just didnt wanna seem crazy for doing it. Its is kinda weird how his ADP is 15 in ESPN leagues

I have both Barkley and Kamara ranked above Gordon. But I do prefer higher upside guys in my 1st round.

Can’t argue with you for taking Gordon though, he is a bell cow RB and a stud who will rarely lose you any weeks.

Not sure about your comment about Barkley though. What he did considering how garbage his offensive line was in college is insane. His pass catching ability is also incredible. His upside is DJ.

I really have no objection to barkley, im just nervous about him under-performing as a 1st round pick. I took ajayi last year and it bit me so i was just a bit nervous about it. Plus im just waiting for the next trent richardson lol

Those are completely different situations. Ajayi was the easiest fade last year for me. Going in the 1st round is ridiculous. He scored all of his points in like 2 games. He’s also on a horrible offense led by Jay Cutler with basically no other weapons to stretch the field. He’s also not that talented. Comparing him to Barkey who is arguably one of the best college prospects to enter the NFL in the last decade is laughable. Is there risk? Sure but giants took him with the 2nd pick. He’s going to get 350 touches easily. If he gets 350 touches, he’ll be an RB1. His pass catching also helps a tonne compared to Ajayi who is an average pass catcher at best.

Also, he’s nothing like Trent Richardson. Barkley’s got amazing vision and is a beast catching passes out of the backfield. There’s a reason why everyone comps him to DJ. Also, Trent Richardson was actually pretty damn good his rookie year. I wouldn’t classify his rookie year as a bust. It was later on that he failed to live up to the hype.

I get that its risky to pick rookies but RB happens to be one of the positions that translates easiest from college to NFL. That’s why 80% of RBs selected in the 1st round actually finish as an RB1. Barkley is going to eat. I personally don’t mind building my drafts around Rookie RBs at all.

I just meant that if I am going to spend my 1st round pick on a rookie RB with an already tweaked hamstring, he better have been an absolute monster out of College and I didn’t really see that with him. Sure he had good games last year against Iowa and Washington (and a couple others), but too many games in the 40, 50 and 60 yards rushing to make me comfortable taking him in the 1st over Gordon. Any rookie RB in general makes me very nervous. Just can’t justify passing on an established Vet over a 100% hype RB.

1st round rookie RBs are about as safe as it gets in terms of translating to NFL production. The bust rate for them is probably equal to if not lower than actual 1st round RBs taken in fantasy over the past few years. Here are the very 1st RBs taken in the NFL draft and how they produced in fantasy. Half PPR scoring:

2017: Fournette - RB8 (in only 14 games)
2016: Zeke - RB2
2015: Gurley - RB7
2013-2014: None taken in the 1st round
2012: Trent Richardson - RB7

As you can see, when a guy goes that early, they produce. The main reason being, when you invest such heavy draft capital in an RB, the team is more likely to use them. Barkley was taken 2nd overall by a team that had holes literally everywhere else on the team. He is going to see 350 touches and if he does, he is too talented to not produce. Hard to argue that Barkley isn’t at least as talented as many of the guys I named above. And he has Shurmur as his play caller. The same guy who was giving Dalvin Cook like 25-30 touches per game last year. And as far as I’m concerned, Giants probably have better offense this year than all of the guys I listed above so Barkley probably has better TD upside as well.

So as far as I’m concerned, Barkley is about as safe as they come. Not that risky at all.