Help: Drop Dak? Stream Dak?


My only QB is Dak, and he’s clearly struggled. Guys like Rivers, Carr, Goff and Keenum are on waivers. Rivers and Keenum are locked after Thanksgiving games. But I could pick up Carr or Goff immediately.


  • Pick up Goff (decent schedule ROS)
  • Carr (amazing schedule ROS)
  • Rivers (best schedule ROS - wait until next week)
  • Keenum (not best option)

Who do I drop?

  • QB: Dak
  • RB: Hunt, McCoy, Freeman, Collins and Kamara
  • WR: Baldwin, Green, Juju, Funchess, Demaryius
  • TE: Ertz, Olsen
  • Def: Broncos, Bengals

Note I’m rostering the Broncos because of their great ROS schedule as a defense. Bengals is my defense for this week.

Drop broncos d and pick up keenum now, and next week drop keenum for rivers if available, if not then carr. I have dak too, and my best options are brisset, cutler, and betheard. You’re not in a terrible situation lol.

If you really want to keep the broncos then you can consider dropping alex collins, but remember, that defense is not that same with an impotent offense leading the way. Maybe you could find something better on the waivers. Im going with eagles and vikings.

Good luck


There aren’t too many options on waivers. I plan on picking up the Chargers D or Bears D to help cover matchups. The Broncos had some tough QBs play against them, but they get Cutler, McCown and Brissett the next 3 weeks.

I am leaning towards Collins since he would be on my bench anyways. Freeman is currently on my bench, too, so I’d play him first over Collins. I definitely agree with you though - Rivers should be top priority, and then Carr.