HELP! Dynasty start up- 1st time playing

LOTS of questions. Need some help

  1. how many TE should I regularly roster? currently have 4: G. Kittle, C. Herndon, I. Thomas, J. Doyle

  2. missed out on top rookie RB’s. Its just the way the draft fell and did not get to any top 5 rookie RB. I was able to get Anthony McFarland. How worried should it be?

Many more questions to come but those two are my main concerns.

These answers are all subject depending on you roster size, who your other RBs are, and What your point scoring is in your league. However, generally you won’t need that many TEs if you only need to start one. I’d recommend dropping Thomas and Doyle to add depth at RB or WR. To answer your second question, I wouldn’t worry to much as this is dynasty, so the turnover rate is highest at the RB position. Focus on having stud WRs and draft a RB in early rounds next year if you feel you need youth at the position after this season. Hope this helped and good luck.

Thanks! Here is some more infro: FULL PPR

2QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 3 FLEX, 1 DEF, 2 IDP


RB: CMC, M.Sanders, C.Thomson, Darrel Williams, K.Johnson, A.Mattison., Anthony McFarland, Damien Williams( on IR), Ozigbo (IR). Now a little worried about sanders injury.

WR: T. Locket, C. Ridley, R. Woods, M. Jones JR., Diontae Johnson, R. Anderson, J. Brown, Van Jefferson, Justin Jefferson, T. Williams (IR)

Do I need more depth / youth at RB?

Since you have so many bench spots I could understand having 3 TEs on your roster. That’s a pretty solid WR core as your average age is about 26 or 27. If you do decide to drop one or two TEs, I would personally focus on depth at RB. I wouldn’t necessarily focus on youth at RB just because of the high turnover rate at that position. Plus your RB1 spot is filled for the next 3-4 years with CMC.

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Thanks so much for the feed back! Much appreciated.

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