HELP! -Dynasty Trade: Z. Ertz or a 2019 Rd. #1 draft pick?

Fellow Footclanners, I have Zach Ertz, but I’m considering trading him for what would be an unknown position 1st round draft pick in 2019. I have Trey Burton as well, and am just a little concerned about Zach’s concussion history. It’s a single TE-mandatory league. Which side would you rather be on here?

Are you a contender? If so, keep Ertz and make a push to win! If not, shop Ertz. Most do not share your fear. A random 1st in return is OK, but I think you could get more.

My suggestion would be to wait for the season to start. Know your buying and selling windows.
Sell Vets in season, buy in off season.
Buy young players in season, sell off season.

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Agreed with @fun4willis. I would add that unless you think that 1st is a possible mid to high 1st, keep Ertz. Remember, Burton’s hype comes from a handful of plays and they have Shaheen there too. That’s a lot of risk to take when you already have a top 3 guy. I’d aim for a younger stud TE and a pick or depth WR to mitigate that risk if trading him is a must. Howard, Engram or even Hunter Henry for next season. I just got Kelce for Alex Collins, Brate and ASJ and I consider that highway robbery if that gives you any idea.

Ledarius Green and Charles Clay come to mind as large hype guys that didn’t return the investment. Same with Ebron, Allen, Fleenor, etc. I’d say keep Ertz and build behind him.

keeping Ertz is a pretty easy decision for me. Ertz is still in his prime and has another 4-5 years of production in the league while tied to a great offense and top QB. That’s about as great a situation as you can ask for.

Put another way, if you actually used that pick next year and and get a top 3 performer at one of the most scarce positions around, you’d be ecstatic. You already have that with ertz so why give it up for unknown.

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