Help! Dynasty trade

I’m trying to get AJ Brown in a 10 team PPR super flex league - the trade offer on the table is AJ Brown and a rookie 3rd round for R. Woods, Darnold, 1.07 this year and a 1st next year (I will still have 2 firsts this year and a first next year so I’m not depleting all my high picks) - should I pull the trigger?

I think you are getting the best player in the trade, but I wouldn’t get give up the 2022 1st rounder on top of Woods, Darnold, 1.07, and the 3rd rounder. I would try and get a 2021 2nd rounder back in return if you can. Good luck!

Ended up doing it… I got AJ Brown and a 2022 2nd for the two 1sts, woods, and darnold… I still have two firsts this year and a first next year so I felt it was worth it to get a WR1 for the next decade(hopefully)

Good trade imo. AJ Brown could be the overall WR1 in dynasty for the next 5-7 years, so I think he is worth the investment.