Help! E Sanders or D Murray?

Who to flex? And any improvements I can do to my lineup? I was thinking of picking up a q.b like keenum but I won’t have anyone to drop until next week.

i think you’ve made all the right picks so far. Anyone great on the WW?

I’m not sure, there is A Collins, Buck Allen, maclin, Keenum, Crowder.

yeah, in that case i think you are set for this week and wait until next week to decide what to do about dropping anyone, i.e. if woodhead doesn’t start this week he’s not likely to start this season.

If clay picks up then you could probably drop doyle to pick up someone but i think overall you’re sitting pretty

Wouldn’t be the worst idea to have a look at some QBs in the free agency too, may worth having 2 qbs instead of 2 D/ST if Dak struggles again this week

I was thinking that too, but I think only keenum is worth a grab, maybe. Bridgewater is also available.

As funny as it may sound maybe Bortles worth a look in? Next 3 he has @Cleveland, @Arizona and Colts.

I think Keenum has done enough to be the starter for atleast another 1-2 weeks.

Flacco has a couple of good match ups coming up.

Maybe have a look at your upcoming opponents, if they are streaming a QB take a look now to see if you can take the best streaming QB for that week, So if you are playing a bloke this week who streams maybe look at picking up Bortles or someone similair so they can’t.