HELP! ESPN eliminated offline auction leauges!

I need to figure out a plan. I run a local league that we have been doing our offline auction for 8 years now. We all draft in person, and then I was able to input our results with salaries (along with keeper salaries) after our draft. Then the site would show salary info in the player’s transactions. But now the only way to get that info is to do the auction online. And none of us want the best night of our season to turn into us all sitting around with screens in our faces.

Anyone know a site that supports offline auctions?!!

This completely ruined my day.

We still use ESPN for our auction league.

It sounds like you are doing it together live… I am assuming your using a draft board.

What I suggest you do is have the live draft normal and take a sharpie and write the auction price on the sticker.

Then after the draft make a Google sheets doc that everyone can see and put the rosters and money value in there so the whole league has access to view it.

Def alot more work than just clicking the name and typing the price like ESPN used to but this is what we did with our league.

Thanks…but we need the site to show players’ salaries. And they don’t support any salaries on the site anymore unless you use their online live auction.

What we had done in the past was hold our auction, and I’d track results. Then they had an offline draft app that allowed me to put in players (as keepers or drafted) and their salaries. The site would then attach that info to the players and it was viewable in the transactions tab on each player.

CBS seems to have much better options and would support our desired setup…but it comes at a cost of $150.

You could use MyFantasyLeague it works great for this sort of thing

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Thanks, I’ll take a look. Just haven’t found that site to be as user friendly during the season.

bc espn is terrible use nfl does look like it might work, thanks. MFL is just too clunky.

On NFL, can you see the player salaries on the site during the season? I don’t see where they are. And that is essential for trading in a auction keeper league.