Help, Flex Start!

Hello Footclan! I need to pick one for my flex: Keenan Allen, CJ Anderson, Ty Montgomery, Ameer Abdullah

yeesh. normally would be a snap call for keenan allen, but broncos and all. monty is going up against one of the best front sevens so he is out, and i think anderson is a bum. so ameer by default for me.

Yeah, Allen and Ty’s matchup scares me. The rankings favor Anderson but I’m not seeing it. Maybe lack of competition? Ameer had a great start last season until the injury.

the chargers also dont have a bum front seven. they are nothing to write home to momma about, but they are good. think about his as well… who is their QB? how long will they stay on the field with that QB? i would like CJ better if he was on an offense i can trust. but i dont trust everyone around him, and he is not someone that elevates everyone elses play. its why that “breakout year” he had made everyone want him. at he time he was a solid piece to their puzzle. now to be productive he would have to be more of a game changing player. thats just not CJ.