Help FootClan. DJ and Diggs for Hunt and Baldwin 14 man 1/2 PPR

I would be getting Hunt and Baldwin.
My team is Stafford, Winston. DJ, Yeldon, Brieda, Lindsay. Diggs, SHepard, Callaway, TY, Watkins.

In a 14 team league Diggs and Hunt are close in value. If I had Diggs I’d want Hunt for him so to me the deal hinges on DJ for Baldwin which seems like a huge over pay. Not to mention destroys your WR. If you could switch to Hilton and DJ… but that’s too steep a price to pay for Hunt.

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Do you think the Kamara owner would take DJ and TY for Kamara?

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Not a smart owner… but never hurts to ask. :wink:

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He is a colts fan. Theres not a whole lot of trade options in a 14 man.

Indy is getting healthy on the OLine. They’re going to run more. They are going to have to protect Luck’s shoulder. I’m moving off Hilton while everyone thinks it’s a time to buy. DJ/Hilton would be the play to upgrade RB I think. I think Breida healthy with Yeldon and DJ is fine honestly, but can understand wanting to move off DJ. Diggs is too valuable to deal with DJ and get appropriate value.

I just dont like DJ anymore he’s helped to 3-2 and its time to sell while he’s had 3 good games. Maybe do DJ/TY for Melvin

In a heartbeat

Who would you give up on my team for Keenan Allen? Straight up

Hard to say without knowing what the other team needs. If this was my team and Allen could be had, I’d move off Lindsay and TY or Watkins for him