Help Footclan! Trade Evaluation needed!

Looking to evaluate a trade for a 10 Team, 1/2 pt keeper league (with round penalty)
Roster is 2QB, 3WR, 2WR, 1TE, 2DST, 1K + 5 Bench
We keep 4 players

Trading away: Julio + Amendola + 2018 Round 12

Ty Montgomery (Would be kept in round 11 in 2018) + Djax + 2018 Round 6

Current WRs are Julio, Amendola, Thelien, Tyrelle Pryor
Current RBs are AP, Demarco Murray, Marshawn, Lamar Miller

Im 0-6 despite making moves, team has been severely underperforming. I’m okay with parting with Amendola but I wonder if I’m selling Julio too cheap? Sorry for the long winded question, just thought I could toss it up to you guys to see what your thoughts were?


Yes yo are selling way too cheep. Ty a make shift RB is most likely in a time share now.

Pryor is a dime a dozen. Cousins spreads the ball around too much unless your name is thompason or reed. You should be able to get much much more. You should be able to get DJax and Ty for Julio straight up, and I think that is still giving up way too much

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Yeah I agree with you. The only way I’m giving Julio up is for maybe for Kareem Hunt or Fournette. You gotta stick with the studs. Always try to trade for better players rather than more players.