Help for 1st round pick . 9/10th

I probably am over thinking it. this is my second season into ffb. FULL PPR

If hopkins comes along to my pick do i go hopkins no matter what because of talent?

if he doesnt I will have the choice between Gordon, hunt, cook, and fournette at my 1st and the snake turn.

now those 4 players, i dont know how to rank them . how would you rank them?
maybe Gordon,hunt,fournette then cook?

btw OBJ is also there at the turn

What’s the scoring format?

I’d probably lean more towards an rb…Gordon would be my 1st choice. But any of those guys would be good…Honestly your preference. With this being a 10 league, you’ll still be able to get a big time wr after the turn. Especially with such a deep wr pool this season.

PPR… sorry left that important info out

So this is a 10 man league and you’re the 9th pick?
I would go OBJ into Gordon on the turn if you want an RB there.