Help for Keeper Decision

Full PPR. I pick 5th.

Julio- 1st
Jacobs- 2nd
Andrews- 12th
AJB- 12th

Keep 2. Must be from different position.

My thought is to try and trade Julio for an additional pick and then keep Jacobs and AJB. Thoughts or suggestions?

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Are you made aware of any of the rest of your Leagues keepers? Depending on who is kept, Julio is either a slight reach at 1.05, or could be just a standard pick there. Jacobs in the back half of the 2nd would be 1 of my 2, and then personally would go AJ Brown as well.

I’d absolutely be keeping Jacobs & AJ Brown, and I’d definitely try to move either or both of the other guys for additional and/or upgraded picks.

Absolutely agree, Jacobs and AJB. Julios value can be replaced in that range

I’m the commish so I pick my keepers first before anyone else does to make sure mine aren’t affected by who else is kept

I’d say go with your gut, because I like the value of AJB, Jacobs is worth it, and if you can get something for Julio do it.

Everyone should reveal keepers at the same time. But I agree with everyone else. Jacobs and AJ Brown. I wouldn’t make fun of you for Andrews though. Julio isn’t even a consideration for me.

Andrews and Jacobs.

I reveal them all to the league all at once on the draft board. People just have to tell me who they want so I can make sure each keeper is assigned to the correct round.

I just make sure I have mine chosen before anyone else tells me theirs so it is unbiased.

What makes you say Andrews over AJB?

I’m nervous about the low pass attempts but I was considering pretty heavily at first

I’m not nervous about an athletic TE who plays the roll of team WR1 in a top 5 offence (top 2?)

I think Andrews could have more receptions and TDs than AJB. I also think AJB might negatively regress his second year. Still love the player and draft him often.

Those are my thoughts.

I went with Andrews and Jacobs.

I normally go late TE so I hired that was following the same model. However, Andrews should have a much better shot at TE1-4 over the other late round TE options.

I was also able to trade Julio for an extra 4th rounder. (Last year to be kept for me so not much leverage) I figured that would allow me to grab someone like AJB in the 4th