Help for Keeper picks!

Have the 3rd pick in the draft this year. 12 team, 3 Player keeper league.

The 1.01 will be Henry and I’m 90% sure the guy at 1.02 is going to keep Chubb. So I’m thinking not to keep CMC and just draft him at the 1.03 (yes I’m going to rid that roller coaster again) and use that keeper pick on someone else.

Keeper options (need 3)

Dak 5th rd
Deebo 6th rd
Devonta smith 8th rd
Montgomery 3rd rd
Sony 9th rd
AJ Dillion 7th rd
Elijah Moore 11th rd

Deebo, Smith, and Moore

Deebo, Mont, and Dillon. Dillon and Deebo are easy. I could see going away from Mont, as he has a pricer tag. I feel the RB1 chance from him, plus whoever you get from 1.03 would be a great stack.

I don’t trust in Smith or Moore, well more the QB potential. Sony isn’t worth considering in my opinion, and I think you could get Dak back if you wanted.

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