Help for new Dynasty player

Hey everyone, I feel like I’m posting at least once a week looking for help, so I figured I would condense a bunch of stuff into one post. As the title says, this is my first time in a dynasty league. We’ve already done a startup auction and a rookie draft.

The league is 12 teams, 0.5 ppr. Starting lineup is 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 Superflex. My roster is:

QB: Jameis Winston, Tyrod Taylor, Joe Flacco, A.J. McCarron, Josh Allen
RB: Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, Marlon Mack, Theo Riddick, Kalen Ballage, Samaje Perine
WR: Keenan Allen, Alshon Jeffrey, Chris Godwin, Taylor Gabriel, Keelan Cole, D.J. Chark, Deon Cain, DeaSean Hamilton, Trent Taylor, Dez Bryant
TE: Ben Watson, Austin Hooper, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, Mark Andrews, Hunter Henry (RIP)

  1. I feel like QB is a major weakness for me. Do you think I should stick with what I’ve got or try to move Flacco and a draft pick for a better QB? Anyone you would specifically be targeting?

  2. On paper, my WRs are pretty weak outside of Allen and Jeffrey. Should I be actively trying to upgrade? Do you think some combination of my young guys will step up and be startable this season? Should I just relax and trust that when Dez gets signed I will be able to slot him in as my WR3?

  3. More generally, other than the Ballers, do you guys have any go to sources for fantasy news/rankings/opinions?

  4. Do you have any general advice for me to be successful in dynasty?

Thanks guys

Hey man, okay i’ll try and help the best i can!
1 - on the QB’s, i wouldn’t worry too much about this as Winston should be able to bounce back this season. The concern i have is that behind him you could end up with just Allen and Flacco as starters which isn’t great, Flacco wont have any value in my opinion and Allen…well you need to see what he can do for a year or o unless he sets the world on fire, but that isn’t likely right now in BUF.

2 - I agree for this year Allen and Jeffery will be your bread winners, Godwin has a shot to be the number 3 in Tampa and could be the 2 if he plays well, he’s good enough to get it done so he could help out maybe later this year but 2019 beyond i like him. Chalk is a sneaky guy that may be the number 1 or 2 in JAX when it all shakes out this year. But for now you could do with more talent yes.

3 - I tend to read most news sources, both their fantasy and general football coverage. Fantasy analysis is good but taking input from non-fantasy reporters and writers will be just as helpful. I cast a wide net when i’m dealing or looking for advice on a more complex or frustrating question i have and build my answer based on consistency - if only one source was saying to pick someone up, and everyone else is saying stay away the majority generally seem to be right but the more you play the more you can pin down who gets it right most of the time. Back read some stuff if you want just to see what people said last year and if they were right on or way off.

4 - Don’t overvalue youth, proven production is king. Don’t overall QB’s as its just one spot on your team. Don’t get too caught up on future picks as well, right before a draft etc they are much more valuable as you have a idea of who is after which player, obviously where everyone is drafting and where all the players are playing but until then outside of maybe getting extra picks to pair with your 1st and 2nd for either players or capital to move up i’d be wary.

For your QB/WR depth issues though, how does your waiver wire work (FAAB, Rolling etc) and who is on it? Before you start trading, just be interested to see who is there are QB/RB/WR?


Thanks, I realize this is probably way broader than questions usually posted here.

Waiver wire is FAAB, same budget for off season and in season. I’ve spent $1 so far picking up Watson after Hunter Henry went down.

Best waiver QBs are probably Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brock Osweiler, so no starters left.
Best waiver WRs are probably Adam Humphries, Brandon LaFell, and Travis Benjamin

No worries, big rosters then? It might be a wait and see what happens in camp and then preseason for worthwhile waiver pick ups or trade opportunities. I say big rosters as usually Eli, Bortles, Dalton are there after most drafts and Eli could be useful this year with all the weapons back. WR I don’t love any of the guys you said are there and for RBs unless any handcuff or potential committe guys like the Indy backfield are there I’d wait it out. Are most rosters in your league the same as yours with a few good starters at the skill posistions then they thin out? In which case trades will be hard to get really good value back on

i think you did a decent job all around, but your not great in any one position. which is fine, because its better than being weak anywhere.

QBs are solid but not great for a superflex, i love that you got mccarron to pair with allen. tyrod will be a servicable starter to start the season, but maybe not the whole season. TBD. winston and flacco are both decent starters, especially now that flacco is getting some talent around him, even if it is high shelf talent. its still better than recent years.

RBs your good too because you have 2 fantastic starters, and then a hoshpodge of could be maybe guys that you should be able to spot start where needed.

WRs are more of the same, you have good starters and then a bunch of maybes. i do think dez comes back and is productive, if not the way he used to, then at least reliably. and DJ chark is a fantastic grab IMO. with that run game, his deep routes are going to be 1 on 1, and he can win those against most.

TE looks kinda sketchy, but thats only because you got hit by hunter henry. if you had him i would be fine with what you got. so, for this year its not great and could use a bump. but should be fine overall.

here is my one problem with this team. because you are not fantastic anywhere, to make any trades to truly get better, youre going to have to make one position worse to do it. so you never truly get stronger, just stronger elsewhere. you might be able to make some trades like cole and mack to upgrade somewhere, you just have to find someone that believes in those players.

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@James89 yea, its 25 man rosters, and only one guy isn’t completely full, so waivers are pretty thin on the ground.

I think I have more depth than most, but other than RB I think my starters are among the weakest.

@BusterD I was shopping Mack around a little before the rookie draft, but I seemed to be the only one in the league who had any faith in him. So I would think packaging depth and draft picks would be my only real option in trades. I contemplated offering Alshon for 2 slightly worse WRs just to give myself 3 startable guys rather than just 2, but I think I’ll hold off on that for now.

I guess I just need to be patient and see how things shake out in training camp… and possibly pray to every god there is that Dez signs with the Packers haha.

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I think you can lock in Godwin as the #2 in Tampa. He’s a much better player than Jackson at this point. If I’m right, he’s a fine WR3.

As for QB, I think they’re overvalued in Superflex, but you really do need 2 starters. I think you may be able to survive with what you have if Allen takes the starting job week 1, but it is almost certainly going to be a disadvantage. I’d explore acquiring one of the less exciting but reasonably reliable (from a fantasy perspective) starters for cheap, if you can (Dalton, Bottles, etc), to round out your depth. I probably wouldn’t be throwing a ton of capital at it, because I don’t know that you can afford it.

I was pretty confident post draft that Godwin would be valuable, but I’ve seen mixed reports since then. I guess I just need to trust that TB will play their most talented players.

As far as picking up an extra QB my thought was a future draft pick or 2 for a low level guy, maybe package Flacco with it. A guy in my league has Dalton, Bortles, and Trubisky so I was thinking I could approach him to see which he is most willing to part with.

I think that makes sense