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Help get me to the playoffs!


Sitting in the last spot must win this week. Having a very though time picking my Rbs and flex. See below give me your thoughts on lineups.

1 pt ppr

K. Allen
D. Lewis
Alex Collins
J. Williams

Murray and AP are on the pine this week. My main concern is the j Williams for AP or Murray. I know people are down on Murray but seeing that he’s the pass catcher I wouldn’t be surprised in a 15 pt game vs Houston. Alex Collins also worries me as he doesn’t get catching work. I favor my backs that get at least a bit of passing work. I think I’m sold on riding D Lewis for his floor. J Williams also worries me with Aaron jones return. I had Murray and Ap in early this week then flipped for Collins and Williams based on footballers rankings and podcast. Please Help me feel at ease haha


If you have to pick three, I think I like Collins, Williams, and Lewis this week. AP may not even play, and I’m personally benching Murray. He hasn’t been great lately, and he’ll be very tough to trust between the solid HOU D and Henry taking work. If Matthews ends up being out, Murray may be worth another look, but I’m still not sure I’d trust him over any of the others. It’s really hard to say though…best of luck to you!


Thanks! Hate feeling like I’m about to bench someone who blows up. Last week it was j Williams who blew up for 30 on my bench but I thankfully pulled out a close win. Ig I feel fine benching AP because even when he blows up for yards it’s really not that high of upside in PpR without Multi Tds


Bump lookin for some more advice on my RB situation plz help. Any news on Aaron jones yet?


Play Williams and Collins with complete confidence that will get 15+ carries in good match ups. Murray won’t be more then 30 yards rushing today most likely and with Matthews out he could see some catches but it should be Davis Decker and walker. So likely won’t play and of he does he might not get the volume you want against the rams since they will be behind all game. Lewis should be very good getting both catches and carries in a good script and matchup. Bench murray and AP and be confident.


My man really appreciate the help. Your insight does help me not be to worried about losing out on bench pts to AP or demarco. Looking more and more like AP out. Going to bench demarco this week and I like his matchups for the playoffs so looks like moving forward he will be in my flex is Aaron jones makes a timeshare out of Green Bay’s backfield .