Help! Going into Championship match and have Newton & Goff

Soooo, not good either way. The best alternative options would likely be Mayfield or Jackson. I think the question really is Goff vs. Mayfield vs. Jackson.
Standard Scoring

Rest of the team is set:
RB: Kamara, Mixon
WR: Hopkins, Edelman
TE: Ebron
Flex: Lindsay
K: Lutz
DEF: Houston (though may swap out for Tennessee)

Sidenote - opponent has Cooks if it is worth trying to offset any possible TDs

So…do you have Newton and Goff, or your opponent has them?

Ah, didn’t think that was unclear - I have both Newton and Goff …

Ah…ok…sorry. LOL.

Well…don’t know if this helps or not, but…I would be really worried about Cam right now. Here’s something I just commented on another post concerning Cam:

I really think Cam’s shoulder issue is bigger than CAR has been willing to admit TBH. BUT…his game this week made that more apparent. Here’s what ESPN is reporting right now:

Coach Ron Rivera hasn’t ruled out Newton sitting the final two games of the season due to a lingering injury to his right throwing shoulder, Steve Reed of the Associated Press reports. “It’s a tough situation right now,” Rivera said Tuesday. “Until I get a chance to visit with him I’m not going to speculate.”


The stats don’t lie during the Panthers’ current six-game losing streak. After throwing picks in just three out of the first eight contests of the season, he’s tossed at least one interception in each of the six recent defeats. Perhaps more striking is accounting for his fewest passing yards (131 on Monday) since Week 4 of the 2015 season and lowest yards per attempt (4.5) in 123 career appearances. After the Week 15 loss to the Saints, Newton relayed that he’s undergone certain treatments, including taking anti-inflammatories, receiving massages and attempting acupuncture. Moreover, his practice reps have been capped to keep his right shoulder as fresh as possible. This latter point may be the reason his rapport with Panthers pass catchers diminished enough to account for Monday’s dismal performance. Whether this proves to be the nadir remains to be seen, but the Panthers may opt to shut down Newton sooner than later with his long-term health in mind. Currently, Taylor Heinicke is the only other quarterback on the 53-man roster, while undrafted rookie Kyle Allen is on the practice squad.

Yeah, I don’t think I am really considering Newton. But Goff has been bad the last couple weeks as well. So debating whether to roll Goff or stream Mayfield or Jackson.

I think Jackson will still put up a good showing. BAL is still gonna be fighting PIT hard for the “clinch”. AND…don’t know if you saw it or not, BUT…last BAL game Flacco had been designated as Lamar’s “back-up”.

So…I think Lamar is gonna be a great play this week. Of course…LOL…it IS that time of year. TONS of “top” players these past couple of weeks have lost many a league’s season.

LOL…I know that prob doesn’t help.

Just trying to offer thoughts here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Go with Goff he’s inside a dome this week against Arizona I can’t see LA falling again they will get it back on track.

I like Jackson here. He Has the rushing floor that keeps him fairly safe. I also expect Goff to do better than the last few weeks but if Arizona doesn’t challenge rams enough it could just be the Gurley show.

Mayfield appears to have the consistent higher ranking…Footballers have him ranked 6 with Goff at 10, Jackson at 12 (and Newton at 15). FantasyPros also has Mayfield at 7 with Jackson and Goff at 10 and 11.

Baker did go for 258 yards passing 4 TD’s nearly 26 fantasy points big time performance, this time in the Dog Pound

I think Goff will be okay but i like Mayfield this week. I’ve added him to play over Newton myself, I can’t believe that playing at home for a possible playoff spot against Hue Jackson that Mayfield and the Browns don’t obliterate the Bengals!

They’ll want to make sure they bury the ghost of Hue, you can do have all the analytics you want and it helps the Bengals are awful but the narrative here will the Browns wanting to win and win big against Hue in front of that home crowd.