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Help! How do I activate tiers in the UDK?


I bought the UDK, but I don’t know how to locate the page where all players are tiered?


The tiered rankings that the ballers advocate and list as a selling point for their UDK is a bit misleading in my opinion.

Follow this link I pasted below. Choose your league scoring. Click the download/print button. In the PDF that opens up you will see players listed by position and green shades to signify the various tiers.


The tiers are not only in the cheatsheets, but they’re also in our regular rankings. There are “tiered” and “non-tiered” tabs on every rankings page.


What do you consider misleading about it? I’m curious.


Misleading may not have been the right word so apologies. I play in a PPR/Auction draft. The auction values in UDK do not perfectly align with the tiering scheme the site presents in the various list (meaning some players have higher auction values than players in higher tierings and the opposite is true). I know I can make my own adjustments but when I first bought and looked at the sheets I was a bit disappointed. But, the nice thing about this site it that you can download the data to Excel and I have since rearranged to my liking.


I got you. Just wondering because I’m of course using them and need to know if something’s inaccurate, lol.