Help! I am in need of a backup QB

How much FAAB should I spend on Ben Roethlisberger? (b/c let’s be real he is still Big Ben)

I’d explore other options, I just don’t have any confidence in him

Why do you need a backup QB? Is it just to fill in for a bye week? If so, don’t waste a lot on a fill in and just pick up what’s left. I wouldn’t carry 2 QBs other than filling in a bye week.

I currently have Tom Brady. I was need to get a backup soon anyways for his Week 9 bye. I was hoping to either keep him for that or hoping he goes off one week in the near future and have him for some trade value. I currently have $85 of FAAB (out of 100) on the year. I currently have $5 down on him. Think I should go $10? Only person I worry about is the guy who has Watson (who is on bye) doesn’t have a backup eiher, so really only up against him I would assume, because Big Ben is list at the top of QB waivers due to “projections”.

I would try and pick up the top rated FA for Brady’s bye the week before he goes on his bye. Even if Ben goes off, I doubt anyone would trade for him after 1 good week when he’s been pretty bad all year.

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If you have Brady you don’t need a backup QB until his bye week and on no planet would I wager $10 for a 1 week fill in. Wait until his bye week, see who’s available then and wager next to nothing. Save your FABB for when you need it.