HELP: I butchered my draft!

12 team half point ppr

QB: Ryan Tannehill
WR: Robbie Anderson
WR: Brandon Aiyuk
RB: Antonio Gibson
RB: Saquon Barkley
TE: Darren Waller
W/R/T: James Robinson
Laviska Shenault Jr
Courtland Sutton
Javonte Williams
Ty’Son Williams
Justin Fields

My obvious problem here is my lack of a high floor WR.

I was really banking on Anderson being “that guy” this year based on the podcast and analysis around how many targets he saw last year yada yada yada.

Then a goose egg from Aiyuk…

My league is full of stubborn traders where they will only trade if it is pretty much unfair.

Do I wait it out and see if Anderson was a fluke and hope Aiyuk is involved once 100%? Or do I panic and shop one of my UNDERPERFORMING Week 1 RB. Antonio Gibson is not up for grabs…

Any advice is appreciated!!!

Do not stress at all. I have been there before. Week 1 is week 1 every year, Marvin Jones had 2 TD’s this week.

If I were you, I would look to the waiver wire and ignore this week. You have a stud TE, two stud RB’s. Watch this week and see where to go from there. The only thing worse than a bad week 1 is sending a heap of players and realising you would have been fine.

We are here next week if things are still going bad.

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Ya you gotta wait it out. It’s only been one week! Your team looks pretty solid to me actually. Running backs matter way more than receivers and are harder to find on waiver

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You probly won’t get a high-end WR for him, but you could add some receiver depth by trading Ty’Son Williams, whose value is as high right now as it will be at any point this season.

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