HELP! I have (15) too many teams in my league! How do i cut at least one?

Hey guys! We have been a 16-team league for a few years now. We are all kind of over it. One manager just told us he’s not playing this coming season so now we are down to 15. I would love to get it to 14 so the free agency isn’t so scarce. If not, I’ll add another player and put it back up to 16. I don’t like 15 because it would cause bye weeks.

Some members of the league have suggested kicking out the team that took last place but I don’t want to force anyone out, especially since we never agreed at the beginning of the season that last place would have to leave the league. I’ve also asked if any managers would be willing to combine with another manager to form one team. Any suggestions on what I should do or what I can offer to a teams to combine.

We are an auction draft league, PPR, with keepers.

Thanks guys!

If there is not a team that voluntarily leaves, like your 16th, then I think you have to add another one. Everyone signed up for the league with an initial understanding that there would be 16 teams. Can you elaborate what you mean by “free agency isn’t so scarce”? What are your starting lineup requirements?

An alternative option is to have teams play 2 matchups each week. I think the math works for that. As a sample I tried 5 teams (this would be one week):

Team 1 plays 2 & 3
Team 2 plays 1 & 4
Team 3 plays 1 & 5
Team 4 plays 2 & 5
Team 5 plays 3 & 4

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Fight to the death. Or Bubble blowing Contest. I agree with Willis. Any time my leagues have an odd number we add a team.

We will be adding another team thank you for your feedback. :+1: