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Help! I have Nelson & Fitz


With Rodgers and Palmer going down I now have 2 WR without a QB…is Fitz droppable for someone like Marvin Jones or Kupp (both on waivers)? I could be overreacting bc I had Palmer, Nelson & Fitz in my starting lineup this week…ended up with a whopping 80 pts and got my butt kicked!

My other receivers are D. Thomas, Crabtree, Garcon, Theilen & Shepard?

.5pt ppr 3WR/1FLEX league


Fitz should be fine, they’ll have to throw short a lot and he’s the guy for that. More worried about Nelson, but hard to determine with the weather they had in Green Bay yesterday. You’ve got a lot of depth at WR so I wouldn’t fret yet.


I say don’t panic just yet. Hundley’s first start and on a short play book. The BYE could not have come at a better time. I think Mike Mc. will find ways to get jordy the ball. If you are worried you could package him in a trade and try to get a consistent WR that your more comfortable with. And I agree with @Romark87 you will be fine with Fitz. He will be the security blanket for the QB with those short routes he runs already.