HELP... I have to many good RBs... (Line Up Help, Pics Included)

Half Point PPR, my issue is I have to many good RBs… who do I sit… Do I play Damien Williams or Aaron Jones or Sony Michel…

Willams is gonna be the lead Back in KC for the week but is he worth starting with a short week?

Jones is playing Chicago and they just shut down Gurley as well as most RBs all season long… im scared to play him

Michel has a decent matchup but Beletricks seem to be back (but maybe they try and keep BigBen off the field with more running)

And of course if Conner plays then I will have to sit Samuels & plug in one of the RBs we left out…

Thnx so much for your help FootClan I wouldnt be playing this week if it wasnt for all your help this season, LETS GET THAT CHICKEN DINNER BABY!!!

Whats the Big Homie @MikeMeUpp think about my conundrum? Who do I play Big guy ? Do i go with Williams? im so scared hahah

I’d definitely go with Williams. Starting RB on one of the best offenses. I’d be worried about Jones Vs Chicago because of that crazy defense. But I would still start jones over Michel if you needed to play one of those.

Please check out mine just posted recently

I see you have 4 spots for an RB, that’s pretty helpful.

I’d go with Lindsay/ Samuels/ Fournette/ Jones

Michel gets the volume but develin is a thing and at first I wasn’t worried but watching these games, it just looks like Michel isn’t as effective as before.

You’re probably deciding between Jones or Williams here. I think the talent wins out for Jones. Williams is on the more powerful offense but with the short week, I’m assuming there will be more of a shoot out here. More Tyreek and Kelce friendly than anything else.

Chargers are known for Shutting down Kelce when they play him… Im thinking Williams will get all the check downs becuase of the ball hawks the chargers have… I hear you about Jones but bro CHI D is scary as hell… Michel is just so hard to trust with all the other RBs they have now… IM FREAKING OUT hahaha… love fantasy playoffs