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Help! I lost DJ and AR


So I have really bad luck and I lost David Johnson AND Allen Robinson. Now i need to make a move and do so quickly. Its a standard league and I won my first game but I need a lot of guidance. Anyone have any recommendations? This is my BIG League and I really want to win this. I feel like all might be lost. Any way I can salvage this? If you guys can also help me figure out a starter that would be awesome.
Standard: 12 team


QB: Ben Roeth, Andrew Luck
WR: Demaryius Thomas, Jeremy Maclin, Jamison Crowder, Rishard Matthews, Kenny Brit (Considering waiving)
RB: Isaih Crowell, Ameer Abdullah, Alvin Kamara, David Johnson
TE: Jack Doyle
D/ST: Bucaneers, Steelers (streaming the bucs for this week)
K: Graham Cano


Your best bet will be to stream QB’s, TE’s, Kickers, and Defenses every week to try and get the best matchups. If you still have David Johnson, try to get some trading value for him. You won’t get much, but you could get something as there is hope he will be back by Thanksgiving. Best of Luck! Keep up hope and do your best to make moves ahead of the waiver wire as you need all the help you can get.


Weather the storm and stream. If and when luck gets back, trade him to build your rb wr core a little more.