Help...I play against Lev Bell, Kamara and Drake

I need a homerun hitting flex play…I have Alfred Morris and Mike Davis to choose from…Playing against the trio of Bell, Kamara and Drake in a full PPR I’m looking for the ultimate upside. I can’t decide between both I need any and all advice just hours before gametime.

I would go morris…last week of starting duty and he is going to want to show something. Davis is good but isnt the home run kind of guy he will get points but i like morris this week

I’d say Mike Davis because he’s gonna have the volume and it seems like Alfred Morris loses touches to smith in the red zone. If Marquise Goodwin is available on waivers I’d say his flex upside is better than both tho

The coin flip landed on Mike Davis…He’s at home, his 3rd game starting, gets some targets (full pt. ppr) and leaky Rams run defense…sorry still trying to convince myself…LOL

If you’re looking for upside i’d def go Mike Davis

Tough call but I’d go with Mike Davis. I’m guessing it’s going to be a shootout with the NFC West title on the line. Mike’s been running well and is THE man in Seattle. He’ll see a good amount of volume, I’m hoping.