Help, I thinking trading away Deandre Hopkins

I’m in a redraft full point PPR league. Thinking of offering DeAndre Hopkins and Miles Sanders for Aaron Jones and Melvin Gordon? or perhaps Tyrell Williams?

Woah slow down- not sure I’d do that just yet. Stand pat. Miles should breakout, at least mildly, soon, and matt lafleur insists on getting Jamal Williams equal touches in green bay- the same guy who couldn’t realize Henry was his workhorse in TN until the last few games of the season. And you can’t deal hopkins for the hope of what Melvin could be. It’s just too risky for this early in the season I think.

Yeah man Hopkins had one bad game, hes going to bounce back. If Melvin Gordon comes back to Chargers I honestly dont know how much work hell get it. Ekeler is killing it. I would say move away from that trade. For Hopkins you should be able to get a much better pair.

Thanks guys for the feedback