Help in a trade involving Z.Ertz

What you guys think of this probable trade ?

I give Sutton + E. Engram + my 2020 2nd for Edelman + L. Miller + Ertz

Dynasty league. 12man. Half ppr. 40 players roster. I already have OJ Howard… And i only got a 4th round left for 2020…:sob:

If you are in win now mode lock that trade down I love it! 2 years from now you are going to have to rebuild though

It is exactly my strategy… I’ve got to win this year or maybe next year… Then i will be in rebuild mode for quite some time…

Do it…look at me…do it!

Absolutely not—I disagree with the slant of this thread. Sutton and Engram are your long-range dynasty holds; though, if OJ Howard’s health doesn’t falter, I’d consider packaging Engram in looking for a Round 1 2020. Edelman might support a “win now” strategy, but both Edelman and Miller are on their last legs. Ertz of course is a great get, but with OJ Howard on your bench, I’d much rather have that 2020 2nd: next year’s draft picks will become more an more valuable moving forward (it’s a great draft class and a 2nd should be a plug-and-play skill-position player). Hope this provides a valuable perspective.

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You’re right. I totally disregarded next years draft class. It’s going to be fire. I guess I’d be curious to know more about the league @Bjjmebz is in . PPR/Half/Standard, are you a contender…those types of things. Even knowing those, time outpaces everyone and those three are in the later half of their careers for the most part.