Help - Is Shepard an easy hold?

I haven’t seen much (any) discussion on him today.

I had a thought of adding Phillip Lindsay or Enunwa’s at Shepards expense, is this just an easy no?

Depends on rest of your team. I think it’s way too early to give up on Shepard though. They went up against the best passing defense in football.

Having said that, I love Lindsay/Enunwa as pick ups. Is Shepard really your only drop option? For example, if you’re hurting for RBs, it would be worth it.

RB’s - Hunt, Connor, T. Coleman, Hyde, Burkehead

WR’s - Thomas, Cooper, Baldwin, Shepard, M. Williams, Crowder

Typing this out made me realize I am not so hurting in RB’s haha, The reason I said Shepard was because I was making claims for Williams and Crowder already, but I am going to revise it to this

Ekeler for Crowder (I just dont like crowder on my team)
Enunwa for Williams (with the question of Baldwin I want a more viable starter rather than siding with upside)

Only slightly disappointed that I cant really get Lindsay cause I am sure someone else will grab him, anything you’d suggest or is that just fantasy football?

btw appreciate your responses on so many posts, I know your not the fantasy messiah but your opinion helps haha