HELP! Just got 1st pick for the first time in 7 years

Been playing 7 years and never had 1st pick… I got it this season

Im not liking the teams ive been mocking… Any advice for 1st pick? RB/WR/WR, RB/RB/WR, RB/RB/RB… Should I reach on certain players due to my draft position?

Half Point PPR
Thanks guys…
2 RBs
2 WRs
1 Flex WR/RB
1 Flex WR/TE

Tbh i’d do a few mock drafts and see what’s available. At pick 1, I take McCaffery/Saquon and I’ve been getting stuff like AB, Evans, Keenan, Kerryon at the 2/3 turn. I like 2 RBs and a WR personally, but you should always go for the best value available.

Are you in PPR, Half, or Standard?

Sorry i just made an edit… Yeah its half point ppr

I’m probably going saquon/kamara. I think w/o ingram you’ll naturally see kamara get some more touches even if sean Payton said he wants to keep a similar snap count. I think w/ Murray instead of ingram they’ll need kamara in more to win games. I’d be worried w/ CMC that newton gets injured again and they stack the box. But I get the cmc argument.

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10 or 12 man league?

Can you trade it away? I have the first pick in a pool and would prefer to draft in the back half of R1. I’d love it if someone would give up their first and a third/fourth to draft #1 overall.

If forced to draft #1, I’d pick Zeke. I think there’s close to zero chance he misses regular season games. bell cow. good offense. unlike the other big 4 at the top.

Agree regarding the comments on doing plenty of Mock Drafts

For who to take pick 1st, I am all about McCaffrey this year.

I would take him over Saquon (as he is on a better offence) and over Kamara (as he had more Goal Line work last seasonand we don’t know how much the saints will use Murray.)

However I have seen a report that the Panthers want to reduce McCaffreys goal line work, so the recommendation comes with some caution.

But any of these 3 will be fine.

I definitely wouldn’t trade away the pick personally

Don’t overthink pick 1. That group of 'Quon, CMC, and Kamara are all studs. Nobody would blame you for taking any of them first overall.

Do a lot of mocks and get a feel for the group of guys that are coming around to your end of the board in those crucial rounds, 2 thru 8.

You’ll want to know whether you’re snagging a QB or TE early, or waiting at those positions.

You’ll also want to figure out where the sweet spots are for picking up those super important 2nd and 3rd RBs and WRs.

You’ll also have to come to terms with the fact that you may have to reach if one of your guys keeps winding up at the other end of the board.

Don’t over-determine things, though. Be flexible. Always have a group of guys – not just two – at each turn that you would be happy with. This way, you’re not devastated when someone comes off the board.

You wouldn’t believe the number of drafts I’ve participated in where coaches need 5 minutes to reassess their entire world view just because the guy in front of them took the player they had their hopes set on (MIND BLOWN!). It’s hilarious.

As Andy, Jason, and Mike say: BE WATER.

Hard to say on strategy. If you keep it, RB to start for sure. Any of those top concensus guys will be fine. Looking at your team, though, I would try to get 2RB/2WR coming out of the top 4 rounds. Those early RBs are pretty nice, but you will have a higher number of WRs weekly (likely). I tend to like 3 RBs in the top 5 because I like the WRs in 6-8 enough to be comfortable. RB in that range normally are not as comforting to me.

But, the best choice is best available in the top 5 rounds and do not force when you choose a position. IMHO, as long as you leave with 2RB from those rounds you should be in a good place. You can always adjust to fill in holes starting round 6.

1.01 is a drag. I really do not like it. You have to reach for your guys and know you will miss ‘runs’ on positions (which you should avoid anyway). It is psychologically tough. If you do trade it away, make sure you get later round swaps as well (something like their 3rd for your 5th / 4th for 7th / etc) to offset that cost. Even if you are not into it, the 1.01 holds so much value to some people you should cash in on it if you can.