HELP! Just lost Rodgers need & some advice - 10 Team Standard

I’ve got J. Winston who will move up to my QB spot (normally play in my flex). Here’s who’s available in my league:

J. McCown, K. Hogan, B. Hoyer, D. Kizer, J. Cutler, M. Glennon, EJ Manuel, S. Bradford

I’ll be dropping a WR, T. Williams for whoever I pick up. I also attached my current team if that helps. Thanks to anyone who took the time to help with this!!

Winston just went down too man

I just heard that!! How serious is it? I’m at work and can’t watch the game. If Winston is out for a long time my season is pretty much over.

Who else does the Luck owner have? You could maybe get Luck for a small price and stream QBs until Luck is back. Streaming QBs is scary, but effective if you get the match ups right.

Yep that is scary but may be my only option. I was originally going to drop T Williams for Funchess since I’m weak in WR but decided to drop him for a QB when I lost Rodgers but now with Winston injured… I’m pretty worried. I’m currently in 3rd place but was on my up until today. :face_with_head_bandage:

They’ve got:
QB - Newton, Siemian, Luck & Trubisky.
RB - J Howard, Kamara, Gore & D Henry.
WR - A Brown, Fuller, Amendola & M Bryant

Not serious at all it’s a sprain he will be fine

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Thank God!!

Kapernick to Green Bay-Just putting that out there-ya never know!


I don’t understand anyone holding that many QBs. Those bench spots are valuable and I wouldn’t carry more than one backup. Anyway, you could wait and see and hope Winston doesn’t miss any games, but if it looks worse I’d be knocking on people’s doors. I was streaming QBs while waiting for Luck to play, but last week someone dropped Cousins so I snapped him up and it really paid off today.

I agree about the number of QB on that bench. Our waiver wire is more than scarce due to our league holding onto players like that. I’ll admit, I’ve got a couple on my bench that I’m holding onto for depth purposes/ROS but like you said, have a backup, and move on to the next. So, here’s my game plan: I’m 2 on the WW this week so for my first move, I’ll drop Williams for McCown. Move Winston to my QB starter position & then I’ll have a backup. Next, I still need to pick up a WR that is going to be worth playing. Compared to who’s available in my league it’s between Funchess & Agholor. I’ll put in for Funchess first & if someone else picks up Funchess I’ll submit a request for Agholor. Hopefully I’ll get one of them. Figuring out who to drop for a WR is a task. I’m thinking Amari Cooper? I’d like to hold onto Rodgers at least until they’ve announced how long he’ll be out for sure.