Help keeper league pick 3

Help picking 3 keepers…
Hopkins for a 1st
Juju for a 4th
Kamara for 14th
Chubb for 16th
Connor for 15th
Had a hell of a year last season ending with a championship and I’m trying to become the first repeat champion in this 5 year old 10 team league…can only keep 3 and I’m obviously keeping kamara…but not sure whether to stick with 2 more wrs in hopkins and juju or grab another rb and be happy with either Hopkins or juju…ps my draft starts in an hour…help .5 ppr…2rb 3 wr and flex format

jesus… a wealth of riches. this is the best problem to have honestly. and, its one of the few times i would let hopkins go. for me its kamara, connor, and juju. all have fantastic value, and locked in workloads. im tempted to just go pure value here too though. RB RB RB that late gives you so much freedom to do what ever you want at any other position. if you know your pick and you pick early, im going RB X3. if not, drop chubb and take juju.

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Thought of going all rb too but didnt like forcing myself to look wr the rest of the draft when a great rb could fall to me in the 1st

Unfortunately I have pick 9 so after all keepers come off the board the value in the 1st round of the draft really takes a hit…

yeah my vote is kamara, connor, and juju then. im cool with swapping connor, hopkins and chubb if youre more into chubb or want to have 2 great WRs, but i think kamara and juju are musts at this point.

I agree thanks for the help

Kamara, Connor, and Juju. gives you the equivalent of 3 top 15 picks in a redraft.

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Personally I’d keep all the RBs and do your homework on breakout WRs. You might jet Kirk, Westbrook, Anderson, mike Williams in the first 2 rounds. And all of those RBs are pass catching RBs for PPR.

And since you’ve hoarded them all you could trade Chubb and say Westbrook for Julio etc.

The value on these RbS is too good to pass up

So I decided to keep kamara connor and juju and guess who falls to me in the first…chubb so happy grabbed amari cooper and a bunch of proven wrs for a wr3 like DeSean jackson golden tate Larry fitz…took a flyer on Jamaal washington so I own Pittsburghs offence which I think will be really good
…once i locked up the big named guys i got i went and got Deshaun Watson as my qb I think I did well.

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