Help make decesion with this trade

I have just been offered, Julio Jones, Kelvin Benjamin, and Adrian Peterson. For LeSean McCoy, Joe Mixon, and Pierre Garcon. Should I take this?

Pretty much asking if you would trade. Julio for Mccoy. Do you need rbs?

My rb arent that strong got Buck Allen, Semaje, Foreman, and Powell. my wr rn are Cooks and Pryor

I would only say yes if they put a starting rb in for Mixon. He’s not the guy yet. You could take a chance on it tho. You know Julio will be a top 5 wr. Mccoy is still hit or miss cuz their offense sucks. Mixon is also on a bad offense at the moment and is sharing the ball even though it looks like he could be the starter soon. Put Pryor in the trade for Benjamin and see what he has to say

I’ll take the Shady/Mixon side of that basically regardless of situation. I’d have to be desperate for WRs.

Yes I would take the trade. Even if you weren’t low on RBs I think I would take that deal. You’re buying Mixon low too. and Garcon is somewhat high floor. AP isn’t even worth rostering unless you’re in a deep league in my opinion.

All trades should be looked at according to a roster. If you have 2 rbs on the bench and no wrs cuz you made the trade then you made a bad trade

Roster construction sbould certainly be considered, but I think that’s overstating a bit. I’ll gladly trade 3 bench WRs for an RB1. Especially since WRs are much easier to find on the waiver wire.