Help make decision

Brees, Wilson (week 16 Insurance)
CMC, Elliott, AJones, DCook, Wilson
MT, Hopkins, DJ Moore, Reynolds
MCDonald (planned starter here out), Brate (Insurance)
Broncs, Viks (Planned play week 15 vs Mia over Broncs v Cle)

Considering dropping Brate for DaeSean Hamilton. Ballers are very high on him and believe he may step in for Sanders more so than Sutton.

Like McDonalds schedule significantly better than Brates every week of the playoffs.


Vance plays
Oak away
NE home
NO home

Brate plays
NO home
Bal away
Dal away

Or I could drop Wilson for John Kelly to block the Gurley owner, who I could meet in the championship.

I thought about it and realized there are 15 Reynolds on the waiver but only one Gurley handcuff of my arch nemesis. Reynolds gone > Kelly acquired