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Help making 1st pick


In a 10 man, standard, 2 player keeper. I am drafting in the 10th spot. Keeping Odell Beckham in the 1st and Lev Bell in the 5th. At the 11th pick in a lot of my mocks I am faced with picking Todd Gurley, Jay Ajaye, Zeke Elliot, Lenard Fournette or Jordan Howard. I am HUGE in taking a ton of RBs and since I already have Odell I am shooting for one in that slot. Don’t pick again until 30th overall. Who do you learn towards and why? Help me defend my footclan title! This is what I am leaning

  1. Todd Gurley
  2. Zeke Elliott
  3. Jordan Howard
  4. Lenard Fournette
  5. Jay Ajaye


I like Ajayi the best if you are playing it safe, but…you may have a huge opportunity to pick up Elliott. You have top talent at RB and WR and this gamble may pay off during playoffs.