HELP ME! 1-4 tilting with a good team(Screenshots included)!

Hey fellas, so in my most competitive league i have a team i feel good about, but i faced the weeks top scorer 3 times in a row and im 1-4.
We play 2 divisions theres a screenshot of the divisions and you can see i am top 4 overall in points, with more pts scored than every team in the other division.
The first 3 Ls i tought, ok, im unlucky and im gonna bounce back, then i lost AGAIN this week to a very bad team that was 1-3.

I NEED some advice and tips so i dont tilt and throw away my season, because this 1-4 feels like the worst and i dont know how to play this.

There you have my line up and bench, its 0.5 PPR.


I think you just have to hold with what you have. You’re scoring points and your lineup is solid. Just unlucky and that unfortunately happens sometimes. Tilting will only cause more problems.


Im gonna lose because hopkins sucks since week1 and dalvin just cant play todat