HELP ME ALL: 4 for 2 trade too much?

1-3 guy needs depth. I’m thinking about proposing:

Alshon Jeffrey + Nyheim Heins + PICK TWO: James Connor, Kerryon Johnson, or Matt Breida
David Johnson + Jarvis Landry

Too much? Heins is more like a throw in if necessary. That would lead my RBs and WRs at

RBS: Lev Bell, Connor, Kareem Hunt, David Johnson, Mike Davis
WR: Michael Thomas, Davante Adams, Cory Davis, Enunwa, Gordon, Jarvis Landry

I would then probably look to trade a WR for RB depth.

Whatcha think?

If I’m the 1-3 guy I’m not making that trade. Jeffery is the only good player in that pile of shit. Landry’s next 5 games after this week is going to be insane and I will ride Johnson’s 17 ppr points a week until he takes off. If he takes that trade his season is over. The purpose of a trade is to help both teams not load up 1

He’s 1-3 and his best chance at winning is keeping DJ and Landry, your going to have to offer him instant value.

Whats your angle here? Trying to Get DJ?