Help me beat my brother (in fantasy)

I’m playing my brother this week and we are the top two teams in our league. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have anyone on bye and I’ll be missing Brady, so it’s looking like an uphill battle for me (I’m looking at a +15 line, Half-PPR).

My dilemma is that I need to decide between Lamb vs. Pittman as my WR2. I’m worried that even with Dak returning Lamb is higher risk considering how many other receiving options Dallas has, and Pittman is really the Colts’ only guy. I have other upside players (Deebo, Aaron Jones, Henderson) so part of me thinks that even though Lamb is a better talent Pittman may be the move (like he should have been last week when I chose Lamb instead). Or, maybe I’m overthinking it and it should just be CeeDee end of story.

The Colts play on Thursday so I could use all the insight anyone’s willing to share!

What is your current starting linuep?

I’d likely lean Lamb. But prefer to get both in.

Streaming Wentz for Brady on bye… Other than that I’ve got Aaron Jones/Darrell Henderson at RB, Deebo/Lamb or Pittman at WR, Higbee at TE, Elijah Mitchell at Flex.

The only alternative would be if Mitchell’s rib injury has him limited or out I could slot Pittman at Flex, but for now I think he has to be locked in.

I’d play Lamb/Pittman over Mitchell (limited with rib issue), personally.