Help me before my season goes down the drain

So, of course as I get Watson back from bye and he seems unstoppable, I decided to trade away Matt Ryan for more RB Depth in Ameer Abdullah. Now my question is, do I go after Russ and offer Ajayi or do I go after Alex Smith (owner has a lot of running backs on bye) and offer Abdullah and Morris?

Here is my lineup for this week
QB: Watson
WR: Dez
WR: Crabtree
WR: Parker
RB: Ajayi
RB: A Jones
Flex: Sanu/Abdullah
BN: Lee, Gordon(Bye), Morris, Woodhead (IR)

also, is Watson droppable or should I keep him on the bench?

bump please help

The reports I heard and read said he’s going to have season-ending surgery. So…doesn’t look like there’s any reason to hold on to him. Such a shame!!!

Yeah that’s really unfortunate… Hopefully there are some decent qb available for pick up. If you list a few I’m sure we’d all throw in our 2 cents.

I had Tyrod but the Brady owner picked him up for the bye, the waiver wires are Goff, Bortles, Cutler, Mckown, Brissett. I made an offer on Alex Smith of Morris and Abdullah because the owner of that team has no RB’s available to play so lets see if he bites. (He’s playing cam)

Yeah…Smith if you can get him. If not…prob go with Goff or McCown. Jason and Andy say McCown, Mike says Goff. Several of the other most accurate top experts are pretty much even divided as well.

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Damn hopefully he bites! If not I’d say pick up Mccown! He’s starting to pick up. Next up brissett.

Edit. I didn’t see Goff. Yeah Mccown or Goff.

I’m going to play Goff just to see if he bites cause then I’ll play smith. Overall like the matchup better. Thanks guys…I hope so too…