Help me build a trade please

I’m in need of a reliable RB2 (I have CMC but can’t count on him staying healthy), and there’s another team that is stocked with RBs. I’ve been trying to think of a trade offer at least as a starting point, and maybe I’m just suffering from brain lock or maybe I’m overthinking things but I’m having trouble. League is full PPR.

My team:
RB — CMC, Scott, Booker, Hubbard, plus CEH on IR
WR — Pittman, McLaurin, Thielen, Landry, Gallup
TE — Ertz, Fant, Knox

Other team:
RB — A Jones, Fournette, Conner, McNichols, plus Carson on IR
WR — Godwin, Metcalf, Renfro, D Harris from NO
TE — Gesicki, TJ

The last thought I had was to package McLaurin and Fant for Fournette and Godwin, but the more I thought about it I started seeing it as a little lopsided. So I turn to you for help. Thanks in advance.

Pittman is your best bet to getting a reliable rb in my opinion. Or the zag move is to trade cmc for multiple RB’s

Is your league TE premium? If not you in my opinion should drop at least one for a waiver rb or WR. Hit waiver rb and wr are much easier to move to needy teams than te. Quite simply in my experience teams accept te is a dead zone and when in trouble live with the consequences rather than attempt low end moves.

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We do not have a straight TE spot, but we do have a W/T flex and a W/R/T flex.

There is nothing on the waiver wire for RBs, best available is Bernard. WR is a little better, there’s Hilton and Watkins, nothing great.

Trading CMC intrigues me, maybe pair with Hubbard for A Jones and one of the other RBs (not McNichols).

He’s not exciting but personally if Bernard is the best available I’m still taking him. I don’t want to need him but if Tampa has a matchup that could be a shootout he’s viable

McLaurin/Scott for Fournette/Harris wouldn’t be a bad trade. You get the better RB, he gets the better WR. RB is hard to trade for right now though.