Help me choose who to flex out of the three?

Who would you start between Calvin Ridley, Marvin Jones, Larry Fitzgerald?

I know Marvin is ranked higher but with Mack coming back for Chicago and the wind/weather conditions. I am hesitant but do I still go with the better receiver in this situation?

I wouldn’t have a problem with starting any of these 3. Ridley and Fitzgerald both have good matchups. And while Jones has the tougher matchup, he’s still basically the WR1 for the Lions and will get targets.

That said, I’d rank them Jones > Fitz > Ridley

I see thanks for your opinion. I guess I’m just worried because these sort of game always end up being a run heavy game script both sides. I’ll go with your rec and go with jones

I ranked them based on floor. Jones and Fitz probably have safer floors. Ridley with a higher ceiling.

I would go Ridley, Fitz, Jones. Browns secondary is beat up for Ridley and he has a massive ceiling. Fitz has a nice floor in a good matchup. Jones has a bad matchup in a struggling offense.