Help me decide who to hold on to

I can keep one starter at each position and 6 bench players and need help with WRS. Dynasty-ish.
PPR, 6pt QB TD, Super flex.

QB: Stafford, Carr, Goff
RB: David Johnson, Zeke, Gurley, McKinnon, Perrine
WR: Evans, Cooks, Robinson, Gordon, JuJu, Fuller, Mike WIlliams (Chargers)
TE: Ertz, Ebron

I joined the league late and got lucky with rules of the league at the time. Most are easy picks. I obviously keep:

Starters: Stafford, Johnson, Evans, Ertz.
Bench: Goff, Zeke, Gurley.

That gives me three more bench spots. I would say Carr, Robinson, Gordon. Flip the rest for draft picks but Im not 100% . Im looking for some outside opinions.

Iā€™d replace Carr with JuJu and draft the best QB with your first pick.


jezz you came in late and got


this a 8 team league?

hmm thats tough. carr you shouldnt keep, but any combo of those WRs would be good. cooks, robinson, gordon, juju, fuller, mike williams all have great potential. so then you look at good teams to see if there are more points potential. which gives us cooks, juju, fuller, and williams to choose from. of those i would take williams out. so if its me, and im willing to take the risk on fuller for his potential, i would keep cooks, juju, and fuller. but i believe in robinson more than cooks so i would swap them.

final conclussion: Robinson, Juju, Fuller.

i love gordon the player, but far too many options and possibilities with all the position players, AND QBs. and cooks is on yet another new team, taking over the watkins role they had. which means potentially similar production.

Its a 10. So I acquired Gurley first. I had the 4th pick in the draft his rookie year and the way we were doing drafts early was 1 starter at each position and only 2 additional bench players. Every year we have increased thr number of bench spots we keep. We stopped at 6 and have a 5 round draft every year. We lost a team that year which dropped us to 10 players, and his team was added to the draft. Calvin Johnson went #1, Melvin Gordon #2, AJ Green went #3, and I happily took Gurley at 4. (I would have taken him at #1). Then later in the year, I picked up Johnson about 3 weeks before he assumed the starting role. I finished last in the league and got the first pick in the next draft which turned out to be Zeke. So just luck. I actually tied with a guy but had a worse division record.

I do not have a pick until the 3rd round. I could probably move Carr though to recoup an earlier pick.