Help me drop 1

Unfortunately I have to drop one of these guys to add a defense this week. Who would you drop and why?

either Penny or Enunwa depending on your starting depth. Penny probably has the least immediate value.

my opinion is going be unpopular here but i say davis because of marriotta and his injury. you have the depth at wr but rb is slightly thinner so thats why id lean davis.

Is there an update on the extent of that injury yet?

havent seen any updates since monday and he was still being evaluated at that point

I was leaning Kerryon for the same reason. I feel Kerryon has more to overcome than Penny.

My other backs are Zeke, Melvin, Mixon, Dion, and Rex so I think I can afford to drop one of these guys. Just gonna make me sick if the one I choose happens to break through the muck.

I like Kerryon because as the ballers point out he just has more talent. And blount might have hurt himself so i feel like sooner rather than later Kerryon will be a thing. Last week was an awful example of any lions player, but if they’re that bad this week againthen i’d probably bail. Most people don’t have your depth at RB to be able to cut kerryon.

Penny or Enunwa. Kerryon’s potential - even in a bad Lions offense - looks better than Pennys. Penny keeps proving that he’s worse than Carson. It’s getting to the point where Carson may need to get injured for Penny to matter.