HELP me Finish out my Dynasty Draft!

So here are a few questions:

1.What are some names you like this deep in the draft to take a flyer on? Example: So I’m a big UNC fan so i got to watch mack hollins play… So i might go after him late… So what are some names you would target?

2.How many QBs and TEs do you usually want in dynasty… Should i have 3 of each?? Or is 2 of each fine? Or does my roster dictate this question at all?

3.If you were me what would you be focusing on the last 7 rounds?

So here are my league specifics and roster through 18 rounds

12 team Dynasty
16 bench

QB- Stafford
TE- Njoku
RB- Rashard Penny, McCoy, Chris Thompson, Matt Brieda, Kalen Ballage, John Kelly
WR- OBJ, Diggs, Tyreek hill, Sterling Shepard, Kelvin Benjamin, Will Fuller, Tre’Quan smith, Tyrell williams, DeSean Jackson

Here are the top 10 of each position in my rankings still left on the board but of course there are many more not listed.

QB -Carr,Rivers, Smith, Bortles, Dalton, Josh allen, Keenum, Tyrod, Tannehill, Eli Manning
TE-Hooper,Eifert, McDonald, Shaheen, Goedert, Jonnu smith, Luke wilson, Jack Butt, Charles clay, Mark Andrews
WR- Curtis samuel, John Brown, Willie snead, Carlos Henderson, Malcolm Mitchell, kevin white, Josh Reynolds, Ted Ginn, Terrelle Pryor, Daurice fountain
RB- DeMarco Murray, Samaje Perine, Ameer abdullah, CJ proise, Jeremy Hill, Elijah Mcguire, Wayne Gallman, Rod smith, Mike gillislee, Javorius allen

Now I’m still 8 picks away from my pick in the 19th round … But any advice on any of my questions would be greatly appreciated… Thanks footclan.

I like Mark Andrews a lot. He is a rookie, pass catcher, and will be Lamar Jackson’s best friend for years to come. After that I don’t like much. Go young with high ceiling, guy like Kevin White for example. Goedert might be a good ROI in a few years but it will be a wait.

@kingedward43…just watched mark Andrews highlight video from college… Looks pretty mobile and great hands.

@BusterD you seem to always have some good knowledge on dynasty stuff… Got any advice.?

sure ill take a crack at it.

Question 1: i look at a lot of RBs later that i like that have potential to be decent RB2s. my favorites are CJ anderson, crowell, and latavious murray. anderson because i see him pretty well locked into 200 carries and he is going real late. 10th round late. and i get it, CMC is there and that limits his WR numbers. but if he gets 200 carries and 25+ receptions, PLUS he gets the goalline work… he isnt going to blow you away every week but if you have a weak RB core he is a fantastic find late. crow is kinda the same only with a more lead back roll. people got burnt by him which works out great because he becomes a value. and murray is a “handcuff” that will get work. its him and cook. i see cook as a between the 20s guy who can get it done in the red, but im betting that murray gets more goalline work. and thats an easy bet to make because my pot value is so small you dont lose anything from doing it. of the ones you have listed i think i would take a shot at buck allen, and demarco murray. murray is just a late round “maybe he lands on a good team and is a steal in the 20th round” kinda guy. murray still produced last year, just not like everyone wanted because of what they paid. he had 1000 yards total, 7 TDs, and 40 receptions. if he can replicate that you will be happy with picking him right now. WRs im just looking for explosive, and young talent. someone who could breakout. will fuller is one of my favorites just because he has hopkins on the other side and SPEED. im not in love with his hands, but who cares when you are running past 1 guy for a 60 yard TD.

Question 2: i try to have at least 3 of each. its not crazy important, but it does help because the pool in dynasty becomes so small because the benches are so big. so if you do have some bad luck and your 1st string QB goes down, you have depth after him to play with. TEs kinda similar, but more along the lines of trying to catch some lightning and playing matchups. but thats also because i really dont put any effort into top TEs unless one actually falls to a good value.

Question 3: last 7 rounds, you could use a bit more strength at RB. its going to be next to impossible to find because that late its all backups and hope and dream RBs. you for sure need more TEs and QBs. at least 1 more of each so i would look at that. i love your WR situation and in a “5 WR” league the depth you have is fantastic.

all in all the team looks good. RB is a little shakey but if you can survive a year with them they might be solid. you could probably make an upgrade by trading a few pieces.

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  1. I like the following as late round picks:
    QB - Andy Dalton and Tyrod Taylor
    RB - Elijah McGuire and Latavius Murray
    WR - Mike Wallace, Taylor Gabriel, and Ted Ginn Jr.
    TE - Ricky Seals-Jones, Jake Butt and Vance McDonald

  2. This is entirely dependent on roster size and number of teams in the league. Based on your league it looks like the total roster is 25 and I would want 3QB and 2-3 TEs.

    In Dynasty you are less likely to stream a position from the waivers. You are essentially streaming those positions from a smaller pool on your team. Unless you have an elite player at the position.

  3. Of those players listed I like (not mentioning names above):
    QB - RIVERS, Bortles
    WR - Josh Reynolds, John Brown
    RB - Abdullah, Gallman


@fun4willis @BusterD thanks so much for giving so much detail… I’ll tarket some of the players in the last few rounds you mentioned… Thanks guys

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