Help me FOOT CLAN!

I’m being offered Buck Allen for my Devonte Adams… I’m curious if this is a Good value based on my weaker RB core. 12 team .5 point PPR format

I wouldn’t do it personally, but you’re up against it with Adams playing tonight. Have you tried to move him or some of your other WRs for a back?

He’s been my number one target to move, I like the upside of my other receivers too much to get a lower tier back as a replacement.
I should mention I’m in a .5point 12 team PPR league

I wouldn’t do it. Allen isn’t an upgrade over Abdullah; I’m actually trying to package Allen in a deal to get Abdullah right now! If anything I would wait and see how the Ravens use him this week or package Abdullah with Adams and try and get a guy like Mixon, etc.

I’d aim for a higher passing game RB personally. McCaffrey or Cohen are sure bets to me.

The gentleman that offer the trade does have Chris Carson on his team. Should I perhaps go after him as a higher value, or are there too many question marks regarding the Seahawks backfield

I’d go after Carson but wouldn’t want to pay Adams for him. You could always try to snag Powell now that Forte is out. He’ll give you some depth and maybe not have to move one of your students receivers for him.