Help Me Footclan - Bell and Cooks for Carson and a WR

.5 ppr/12 team. I’m 5-1 Trying to get LeVeon. He countered my initial offer which was Carson & Penny for LeVeon. My question is which WR to throw in. My WRs are Thomas, Edelman, Dede, Robby Anderson. I won’t give up Thomas or Edelman. I’d need more then Cooks. Help me please!!!

Sounds like your WR candidates for trade are Dede Westbrook and Robby Anderson. Is the other team interested in either of those players?

Is this dynasty or redraft?

Pretty much standard. One keeper. 14 roster spots. No K or D/ST positions. Two flex spots. And yeah it’s basically Dede and Anderson. If it weren’t .5 ppr I’d be more inclined to include Edelman, he’s just a target machine and has too much value.

I might make a play for Kamara next week. I’m playing against him this week.

Why not make a play for kamara while he’s out? The owner will feel like he’s buying a game

I thought about that. I feel like I got a gift with Kamara not playing and I have Chubb on bye.