Help me gauge Kamara trade deals

Hey Everyone,

The Kamara hype is real in my league and I was wondering if I could get some help gauging my options.

Firstly this is a standard league. Currently 3-3, had to dig myself out of 1-3.

Starters: Taylor, Ingram, Murray, Green, Hilton, Walker, Kamara, Carolina, Lutz
Bench: Gore, Amendola, Watson (Bye), Garcon, Gabriel, Lewis

I’ve been offered Kamara for Ajayi (from Owner 2) and Kamara for McCaffery (from Owner 3). I held to see what last week brought for me.
Other trades offered McCaffery and Nelson for Green (from Owner 3) or Green for Gurley (from Owner 3). I just feel I’m too weak at WR to give up Green. Any other thoughts would be great!

I would probably do Ajayi for Kamara but that’s it. I like the Mcaffery/Nelson for Green one as well but then you have to decide who to play between McCaffery and Kamara each week and that would be a pain.

I would accept the Ajayi trade as well. After the showing he had last week, he looked great.

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Bump for more opinions.

Kamara for Ajayi would be good.