Help me get Julio - Need to send 2 rbs

So my one league ended up with 7 auto drafters (yeah not ideal but it’s a $20 buy in where i literally know 1 person). anyway some dude ended up with literally 2 RBs (burkhead and royce freeman) so he’s trying to move julio. I ended up with Diggs, Tyreek, and hopkins, but no real wr depth beyond that. My RBs are Gordon, Lamar Miller, Lynch, Barber, Tevin Coleman, and Cris Carson. I want to move 2 to snag julio, but don’t want to overpay so i need the footclans help.

  1. Lynch + Coleman
  2. Lynch + Barber
  3. no move, stay the course.

I vote 3. I don’t think you need Julio. And to acquire him you’d have to move at least 1 of your stud RBs, which would make that unit weaker.

I think your team looks fine without him.

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option 3


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