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Help me get Mixon, please


Hello everyone,

What do you guys think is a fair offer? 12 team, 1 point PPR.

I have:
RB: Melvin, Lamar Millier, Abdullah, Duke Johnson, Derrick Henry, D’onta Foreman, Jamaal Charles.
WR: Jordy, Diggs, A Rob, Keenan Allen.

He has:
RB: Fournette, Cook, Mixon, Quizz.
WR: AJ Green, E Sanders, B Marshall, Ginn, K Wright.


I am confused why people are high on Mixon. I mean if you want to do like Johnson and A Rob that might be enough. I like all of your top 3 RBs better than Mixon


I just think he’s a true RB1 come fantasy playoff time. One who should take less hits on his body over the first half of the season. I made a few offers and got turned down. I want as high as offering Abdullah AND Allen. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for your reply!


Thats as high as i would go. hes listening to the same hype you are. Mixons not going to be the go to guy in game one (we dont think). so let the manager cool down on him after he has an average week and then offer him your highest scoring non essential player (IE dont give away melvin or jordy). the mixon owner watched a rookie go off last night and now he thinks hes got a 40 point rb sitting on his roster.


That’s my plan. Come back next week; hopefully, he doesn’t break for a long TD this week. I might just have to scrap it altogether.